Strategic Marketing for Manufactured/Modular and RV Industry
(1.5 hour presentation)

Topics Covered:

Traditional Advertising - Display and Classified Ads - Signage - Pre-openings - Shopping the Competition - Surveys - Off-Site Seminars - Referral Marketing - Internet Marketing - Business Linking - Newcomer Marketing - Web-site Search Engine Optimization - Interactive On-Line Experiences - User Uploaded Sites - Social Marketing - Interactive CDs - Email Marketing - Lead Management - Incentives - Promotions and Audio Testimonials.

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"Presentation captured everyone in the room whether newcomers or experienced and left us hungry for more." Barry McCabe, Chairman MHI, President - Hometown America

"I was very impressed. That's a lot of content for one hour." J. Peter Scherer, President & COO - Origen Financial

"The most effective presentation I have ever attended in 40+ years in business. There is not one person in the industry who would not benefit from attending." Dick Bessire, President - Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc.

"The material was excellent. The presentation was overwhelming." Richard Rand, President - Great Value Homes

"Outstanding material that cuts to the point and is simple to apply at multiple levels." Damian Winterburn, Vice President - Heritage Green Property

"A presentation all conscientious owners/operators need to hear." George Allen, President - GFA Management

"Quite inspirational. Focused on the need to change the way we sell." David Gibbs, Attorney/Broker - Homes of the West

"Excellent! Many useful ideas and tips which I can immediately use." Michelle Rossi - Mike Ives Realty

“Complete and varied a wealth of information and ideas in a broad spectrum of marketing ideas.” Joe Stegmayer, Chairman – Cavco Homes

“Very direct and persuasive presentation of how to get more traffic in the door and close a higher percentage of prospects. Excellent content for management skills.” Ken Anderson, Exec. Dir. - Arizona Association

“Excellent. This information is lacking in sales centers. I look forward to sharing with others.” Jeff Lee, V.P. – Cascade Financial Services

“Very focused on today’s industry needs. Direct to the point. No unnecessary fluff.” Gary Abbate, Sales Mgr. – Champion Homes

“A great wake-up and call to action. Wow! Tons of ideas proven to work. All it takes is the energy to make it happen and Joe provided the impetus to point us in the right direction.” Sam Baird, Gen. Mgr. – Clayton Homes

“Excellent presentation. I wish we had Joe for longer time for more details. Exciting new ideas. Thanks.” Keith Paplham, VP – Cavco Retail Group

“Great, informative and inspiring. I liked the fact that Joe gives guidelines and vision, but allows you to use your creativity to develop within those ideas.” Joe Uhlenkott, Sales Mgr. – Fleetwood Homes

“Superb as usual. I’m an official self-proclaimed Joe Adams groupie!” Jim Breen, President – Factory Expo Home Center

“Great presentation. Very informative.” Joe Consumo, Business Dev. Mgr. – 21st Mortgage

“Awesome! Great ideas that I will use.” Mark Soland, Owner – Family Home Center

“Joe Adams is the best speaker who provides information and knowledge relative to our industry.” Steven Roberts, President – Estrella Homes

“Excellent fundamentals to increase traffic at any sales center. Thank you for sharing your success of others you’ve worked with.” Irv Hill, Gen. Mgr. – Fleetwood Homes

“I especially liked the section on weaknesses in today’s salespeople and the need for training.” Bryan Jones, Sales Mgr. – James Hardie

“Great ideas that can be implemented & quickly effective.” Joe Voorhees, Dir. Of Sales – Clayton Homes

“Great presentation. A lot of material to retain in a short time.” Mike Russell, VP of Sales – Textron Financial

“Fantastic presentation! Appreciate your enthusiasm and optimism for a better tomorrow.” Chad Cummard, V.P. - Cascade Financial Services

“Incredible! Joe.” Brad Nikolas, President – Associated Dealers

“Great data presented in a professional upbeat way.” T. Serrano, V.P. – Geo Associates

“Excellent performance.” Bill Danforth, V.P Business Dev. – Cavco Industries

“Introduced ideas I never would have thought of. Examples were great.” Matt Goad, MDM – Clayton Homes

“Very complete presentation. Good overview and reminder of basic principles.” Wendell Johnson, G. Mgr. – Palm Creek

“Very direct and set my plans for improving my sales potential.” Greg Cox, AG – US Bank

“Great presentation filled with many new ideas to increase sales. “Must change was reinforced.” Dennis Johnson, V.P. – Associated Dealers

“Well planned presentation with lots of great business increasing ideas.” Barry Judy, Gen. Mgr. – Homes America

“Very informative.” Bruce Baldwin, VP Sales – Palm Harbor Homes

“Excellent. Very informative. Great Information. Thanks!” Shannan McLaine, Reg. Sales Mgr. – Cavco

“The information provided is of great value to my company. I found ways to close more loans in your presentation.” Paul DeSanctis, Owner – Arizona Lending

“Most interesting. Provided many alternatives to expensive advertising.” Lionel Clark, Gen. Mgr. – Clayton Homes

“Great information! Love Joe’s enthusiasm.” Larry Pax, Mktg. Mgr. – SW Manufactured Homes

“Great! Thanks for sharing.” Tom Brenner, Reg. Mgr. – Clayton Homes

“Very good. Engaging and relevant to our needs as an industry.” Amber Boles, Sales – James Hardie

“Very informative. I liked the information about web-sites and sales staff training.” David Roe, Jr., Owner – Kowbman Quality Homes

“Nice energy in delivery of good information.” Chuck Christensen, Dir. Of Business – Cavco Industries

“Excellent! Very informative.” Terry Jensen, Partner – Pacesetter Homes

“Presentation helped me appreciate the power of the internet for advertising rather than traditional methods.” Mark Blewitt, Mgr. – Busbee’s Home Center

“Great!” Brad Brastad, Gen. Mgr. – Cavco’s CRG Division

“Joe did a great job with the convention theme “Staying Alive.” Rick Busbee, Gen. Mgr. – Busbee’s Home Center

“Great information.” Joe McCombes, Loan Mgr. – Robar General Funding

“Outstanding. Your enthusiasm is contagious.” Lori Rigby, Exec. Dir. – First State MHA

“Lots of great ideas that can be tailored to individual business whether large or small.” Diane Brinton, Owner – Park Place LLC

“Great for today's world of marketing.” Ryan Class, Owner – Bayside Homes

“Packed with ideas and fast moving.” Christina Stalnaker, Mgr. – UMH Properties

“Excellent as usual. Joe is alwyas very interesting in all his topics.” Primo Sarno, VP of Operations. – Rimco Properties

“Provided great ideas for marketing that are not presented by other trainers.” Dee Eisenhart, Pres. – Schaff's Home Center

“Pleasure listening to Joe. Not only good ideas but he is full of energy and enthusiasm.” Ryan Hotchkiss, Member – Horizon Land Co.

“Even the 'old pros' will pay attention during this presentation. Thanks for coming.” Mike Sienkiewicz, Pres. – Sienkiewicz Holdings

“Great!” Kent Suits, Assistant VP - Suits Homes, Inc.

“Very educational. I would encourage anyone that manages or sells to attend this seminar.” Teresa Burks, Sales Rep. – Clayton Homes

“Good ideas. Very timely presentation that applies to almost every customer.” Joe Berry, Manager – Oakwood Homes

“Very good for the new and the old.” Daniel Chandler – Towne Bank Mortgage

“Excellent training for new salespeople. Great refresher for experienced salespeople.” Dianna Fenley, Sales Manager – Palm Harbor Homes

“Very Informative. Marketing techniques we will start using!” Kenny Monk, President -Tillery Housing Center

“Very good and extremely informative.” Pat Woodie, Owner – Sparta Home Center

“Lively presentation with relevant materials and lots of good ideas.” Jim Chatterton, Community Manager – Sun Communities

“Very informative” Larry Woodie, President – Sparta Home Center

“Great ideas for marketing in today’s changing market.” Mike Parker, Sales – Sparta Home Center

“Great! Would love to hear more about rural area advertising.” Todd Holdbrook, Sales – New Generation Homes

“Time well spent! It just makes senses to break away to get a better perspective and re-tune your mind.” Ruxton Bobbitt, General Manager – John Foster Homes

“Seminar was great. Joe Adams is a very inspirational speaker & teacher.” Teresa Carter, Owner – Trinity Home Sales

“I would like to attend future seminars. Very educational.” Jill Anning, Sales Assoc. – Trinity Home Sales

“I enjoyed the internet marketing, audio testimonials, blogs, etc.” Rickey Key, Sales Manager – Homes by Vanderbuilt

“The marketing segment was great. The internet marketing presentation was very informative.” Mark Winstead, Sales Manager – Champion Homes

“Very helpful and informative.” Jennifer Hayes, Sales – Champion Home Builders

“Very informative. Presentation was great!” Philip Moncue, President – Moncure Homes

“Great upbeat information.” John Babb, Sales – Suits Homes

“Learned a lot. Thanks for having this program.” Jeremy Cosby, Sales – R-Anell Housing Group

“I think the greatest thing was to realize that I am in control of how much I make.” Kim Schaffer, Sales – Oakwood Homes

“Very good presentation.” N. Hall, Sales – Southern Showcase

“I learned a lot and plan to use it to increase my leads.” Travis Williams, Sales – Southern Showcase

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