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Set up an in-house training solution that can be used over-and-over Help recruit, train, and increase close ratios of new and experienced salespeople Six hours of audio narration, visual presentations, quiz questions and tips from top manufactured home salespeople.


Greeting Prospects module includes "Making a Favorable First Impression", "Handling Initial Prospect Questions", and "Avoiding a Negative Environment."

Qualifying Techniques module discusses "How to Uncover Needs and Desires", "Critical Questions Related to Urgency, Ability to Buy, Home Requirements, Shopping Experience, Current Status, and Motivations."

Showing Homes module has a salesperson relating more than fifty features and benefits of a complete home tour that builds more value.

Overcoming Objections module has powerful facts to use for customers making statements about manufactured homes being, "Not safe in storms", "Not energy efficient", Depreciate in Value", and "Fire hazard". Topics reveal how to anticipate objections, to use trust building statements, to isolate an objection, and the most proven way to handle the, "I Want to Think About It" prospects.

Closing the Sale module shows how to "Earn the Right to Close", "When to Attempt a Trial Close", and "How to Overcome the Fear of Closing." Tips are provided on how top salespeople use 'Feel', 'Felt', 'Found' statements, avoid fighting words, and integrate common questions that lead to closing more sales.

System Requirements: Windows 7,8,10, XP, & Vista, CD ROM Drive Speakers

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