Click to enlargeResolving Resident Conflicts

Community managers will hear how to promote open lines of communication, understand resident perceptions, tactfully handle reality, and how to offer positive conflict resolution to advance their community’s value.

Emphasis is on resolving dissatisfaction relating to adverse comments residents have said about a community's amenities, social activities, maintenance, rule reminders/enforcement, security issues, neighbors, pet Issues, community management, and owner management.

Manager “Don’t say,” and “Do say” statements that aid in resolving resident conflicts are discussed. Session emphasizes promoting open lines of communication by recognizing a resident’s point of view/perception, employing prompt follow-up procedures, tactfully handling reality, and utilizing proven conflict resolution ethics that can advance the company’s long term growth.

More than one hundred positive affirmation statements and numerous techniques used by community managers in resolving resident conflict are shared with all meeting participants.

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