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Call and design a live, on-site program for your company. Best log home training topics have been:

QUALIFYING - Most builders/salespeople ask the same questions to the log home shopper. However, by asking these important questions, prospects reveal true motivations for owning a log home. A builder/salesperson can then direct his/her presentation that leads to making more sales.

COMMON OBJECTIONS - See how to answer questions about log home construction, log styles, kit suppliers, modular builders, energy efficiency, and fire safety. Learn how to answer common statements like: “We have to sell our house first,” “We want to think about it,” “Existing used log homes are available,” “Isn’t maintenance too extensive,” “What about termites, bees and spiders,” “Why all the cracks,” and the list goes on.

INTERNET CONCIERGE - See how telephone conversations and email follow-up are being used to begin an interactive communication channel that identifies the urgency, needs and desires of today’s log home buyers. Hear how to convert more leads to appointments by creating the right environment that causes people to want to visit.

CONSULTATIVE SELLING - Uncovering the primary reasons why people want to own a log home and how to focus on customers’ needs and desires. Reveals the importance and methods of staying in touch and how to move people to make a decision to buy even in tough economic environments.

LISTENING TO SELL - Why Listening is a log home builder’s/salesperson’s strongest asset. How to perceive what others miss. Uncovering poor listening habits that lose sales. Learn how to listen with all your senses through role playing exercises.

CLOSING THE SALE - Understanding today’s log home selling environment. Why today’s economic conditions require building value and earning the right the right to close. Learning to see closing as a process and the importance of using trial closes. Practicing how to overcome the fear of closing.

MISTAKES IN SELLING - Reveals more than fifty common mistakes that lose sales: Mistakes of the mind, mistakes in qualifying, mistakes in presentations, mistakes in handling objections, mistakes in closing, and mistakes in follow-up.

RELATIONSHIP SELLING - How to make a good first impression, communicate a positive attitude, set the stage, use bridge building statements, maintain control, sacrifice self interests, believe in your log homes, and why persistence pays.

PERSONALITY SELLING - So you want the perfect log home builder/salesperson? See and hear what are the best positive sales characteristics, qualities, and constitution. Learn how to improve sales personality in the areas of perception, performance, persistence, passion, politeness, peacemaking, patience, patriotism, and preparation.

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