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Thirty-six minute, DVD video narrated by Joe Adams, president of The Housing Marketplace. This program received extremely high acclaim when presented live at the Urban Land Institute in San Francisco and THE Manufactured/Modular Housing Congress in Las Vegas. ("This is a must program for all leased land communities.")

Major Topics:Today's Shopper Fears - Belief that Owning Land is Right - Marketing Leased Land as a Good Investment - Selling the Sense of Security and Control - Favorably Comparing the Costs of Leasing Land Versus Owning - Building Value in the Monthly Fee

Sub-Topics:Provides a Cash Return - Other Investment Opportunites - Able to Obtain a Higher Rate of Return - More Liquid Asset Base - Cash/Credit to Fill Other Desires -Increased Resale Opportunity - Pride in Community Appearance - Rules and Regulations are Set - Lifestyle is Better Protected - Protection Against Unconscionable Annual Increases - Charts and Illustrations Required - Additional Costs and Fees in Buying Land - Comparing Monthly Living Expenses - Developing Common Q&A - 38 Point Checklist for Items Included in the Monthly Fee - Translating Lease Fee Services into Resident Benefits - Audio of Salesperson Building Value in Her Community's Monthly Fee.

"The attitude of my salespeople and managers has changed after listening to this program. They now sell our community with more enthusiasm."

"Hearing the salesperson translate monthly fee services into resident benefits was quite eye-opening for our people."

"After years of marketing leased land, this presentation puts it all together. Prospects can now hear all the benefits of living in a leased land community."

"We were not relaying all the benefits of leased land and we were not building value in the monthly fee. This information will improve our close ratios."

Benefits of Leased Land DVD Video LL99$149.00

Read More Reviews of the Program "Selling the Benefits of Leased Land"“I thought it was very well done and knowing the business I think you nailed the issues." Kevin Clayton, President – Clayton Homes

“Finally, as an owner of a leased land community, I have concrete information to use in my marketing.” Peter Caneda, Managing Partner – Eagle City Estates

“A unique program for effectively showing how to promote ‘real benefits’ for purchasing a home in a leased land community. Look forward to implementing for greater sales.” Don Grummer, Sales Mgr. – Home Quest

“Excellent – Informative stuff we can actually use.” Wendy Hutton, Reg. Mgr. - Storz Mgmt. Co.

“Solid ideas and strategies.” Darla Smyth, Owner – DJ Property Management

“Many techniques I can implement into my business immediately.” Ken Turner, Reg. Mgr. – Advantage Homes

“Awesome!! I bet we will have 100% occupancy quickly.” Angela Hall, Supervisor – Storz Mgmt. Co.

“Excellent tips on how to sell the benefits of leased land.” Maria Ahmad, Reg. Mgr. – Santiago Villa

“Great concepts.” Candace Holcombe, VP – Modular Lifestyles

“Very useful for community owners, dealers, sales agents, and industry professionals.” Shane Joffee, Sls. Mgr. – Home Quest

“I never thought of all the benefits of the monthly fee (Not rent) until this information. Great! Donna Meckel, Controller – Les Frame Management

“Full of great ideas to improve our community marketing.” Cindy Bassett, Mgr. – Cal. Hawaiian Estates

“Very effective information. I look forward to implementing in all our communities.” Zack Danna, Sr. Property Mgr. – Westwind Ent.

“Fresh approach with new ideas. The value building concept is great.” Eva Raleigh, Reg. Mgr. – Lake Park Communities

“Great information for community managers who are not professional salespeople.” Vance DiMaria, Owner – Casa Del Rey

“Very informative. Lots of facts. Good advice on sales techniques.” Mike Merlander, Owner – Merlander Co.

“Great, picked up a lot. Very positive information.” Jill Brandt, Asst. Mgr. – Rancho Calavaero LLC

“Excellent! This information has saved me months of research and got me well down the road for adapting for my own resort.” Adam Manthei, Marketing Mgr. – Sky Valley Resorts

“Great ideas for promoting and increasing sales in our community.” Julie Allen, Sales Mgr. – Allen Manufactured Homes

“Dynamic! Very cutting edge.” Robb Tucker, President – Forest Springs LLC

“Information is extremely valuable and will help us sell more homes!” Seth Harper, Sales Mgr. – Sky Valley Resort

“Positive information, many great ideas.” Pam Blacksten, Mgr. – Advantage Homes

“Many innovative ideas that will be used by my clients to increase sales in their communities.” Erin Guzman, Attorney – The Sullivan Law Firm

“I have been selling for nine years in my community. This is extremely helpful. Thank you.” Cynthia Williams, Mgr. – DeHa Hawaii Park

“Helps articulate all the benefits that may be silently assumed rather than persuasively spoken. Thanks! Bill Struve, VP – Hemet West Mobile Estates


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