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“Excellent. We need more seminars like this one to bring about the improvements needed.” Mike Aiken, Manager – New Generation Homes

“Great seminar. All salespeople should attend.” Scott Williamson, Sales Manager – John Foster Homes

“Truly awesome day. I am so glad I came today. I plan to take ideas to our sales center to make more sales.” Teresa Burks, Sales – Clayton Homes

“Very well put together and very enjoyable. Worth the time and travel.” Bobby Hounsell, Sales Manager – Holmes Building Systems

“I learned alot of things I believe I can do better. It was great.” Travis Williams, Sales – Southern Showcase

“Great presentation. Excellent information. Moved on… Never boring.” Philip Moncue, President – Moncure Homes

“Excellent course.” Paul Robertson, DSM – Holmes Building Systems

“Very insightful. I feel I have come away with a lot of tools to help me make more sales.” Norman Hall, Sales – Southern Showcase

“Joe was very clear on what he explained. I feel I have the tools to make me successful.” Kim Scheffler, Sales – Oakwood Homes

“Stuff we should know and do, but don’t because we allow daily things to get in the way.” Joe Berry, Manager – Oakwood Homes

“Good catalyst for self appraisal.” Vernon Taylor, Account Exec. – U.S. Bank

“Would love to hear more.” Jeremy Cosby, Sales – R-Anell Housing Group

“Excellent! Joe Adams was awesome. I took away a lot of useful information.” Jeff Tipton – Crestline Custom Builders

“Many great tips. Showed how to work with customers on a more personal level.” John Babb, Sales – Suits Homes

“Great learning experience. Very informative.” Edward Ray – Homes America

“Very in depth, especially the sales aspect of the day.” Shawah Ingerfelt, sales – Homes America

“I learned about some of the mistakes I have made on trying to close the sale.” Jill Anning, Sales – Trinity Home Sales

“Seminar was great. Joe Adams is a very inspirational speaker and teacher.” Teresa Carter, Owner – Trinity Home Sales

“The class was great.” Mark Day, Regional Sales Mgr. – Nationwide Custom Homes

“I have loved all seminars I have been to.” Claudette McAllister, Sales – Southern Showcase

“Excellent! A day well spent. After 21 years it is always good to review the things you have to change.” Ruxton Bobbitt, General Manager – John Foster Homes

“Great class. A lot of good information.” Todd Holbrook, Sales – New Generation Homes

“A lot of good information. We need to get back to the basics.” Scott Williamson, Sales Manager – John Foster Homes

“Great tools and information in a challenging market.” Owen Robertson, Sales – Clayton Homes

“Very informative and material to help improve sales skills.” Mike Parker, Sales – Sparta Home Center

“Enjoyed very much. Got a lot of great information. Kept my attention.” Pat Woodie, Owner – Sparta Home Center

“Very good. I recommend to all salespeople.” Larry Woodie, President – Sparta Home Center

“Joe is very knowledgeable on marketing and closing. He is both liked and respected.” Jasmine Blount, Sales – Oakwood Homes

“Presentation showed how to get back to the basics with emphasis on toward today’s customers.” Tom Varner, Market Dev. Mgr. – Clayton Homes

“Very good seminar. Learned a lot. This information will help me sell more homes. Thanks.” Mike Stanley, Sales – Oakwood Homes

“Right on the money. Especially the importance of ‘Listening’. Jim Chatterton, Community Mgr. – Sun Communities

“You have given me great insight to how sales techniques can be applied and work. Thanks.” Lydia Monk, Sec. Tres. – Tillery Housing Center

“Reminded me of things I had forgot and wasn’t doing. I will sell more homes because of this seminar.” Kenny Monk, Tillery Housing Center

“Great!! All good information that we tend to forget.” Kent Suits, Assist. V.P. – Suits Homes

"Lived up to its billing, 'fast paced', solid, useful content." • Kevin Schroeder, GMgr., Larry's Homes - Newark, DE

"Brings out solutions that fit today's market." • Brad Smook, SMgr., Iseman Corp. - Council Bluffs, IA

"Been to many seminars over 20 years. This was the best." • Shane O'Keefe, SMgr., Trading Post Homes - Louisville, KY

"On a scale of one to ten, this seminar gets a ten." • Richard DeCarlo, Pres., Albion Mobile Homes - Albion, NY

"Time well spent. Most refreshing information I've heard in a long time." • Dudley Dinkins, Pres., Dinkins Mobile Homes - Paris, TN

"Been in the industry 33 years. It's never too late to learn." • Robert Houtari, Pres., Twin Town Homes - Oxford, ME

"Absolutely the best seminar I have ever attended." • Val Mulder, Sr. CEO, Instant Living Homes - Sherman, TX

"We will experience immediate positive results from this day." • Jonathan Mingus, RMgr., Lamplighter Homes - Lacey, WA

"Focused on sales and managment techniques that work." • B. Jerald Madzier, Owner, Accent Homes - Manatee, CA

"We should listen to this every month to refresh our skills." • Robert Holmes, GMgr., Country Liv'n Homes - Fresno, OH

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